Built around your needs

Fly the perfect formation

The new restaurant is part kitchen, part technology. Table service is optional – and this competitive advantage is the unique way you express yourself.

Restaurant 2.0

Fully Integrated

A fully integrated guest experience blending on-premise and off-premise options that allows unmatched flexibility for dine-in, pickup, delivery, and third party operations.

Front of house options

Choose between traditional POS terminals or tablets with pay at the table to increase table turnover while reducing costs.

Kitchen options

Choose between Kitchen printers or Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) with multiple timing tiers to ensure different orders are ready for the guests at the same time.

We do the math

Advanced inventory management allows for ideal food costing and product variance.

Perfect for Pizza

Powerful pricing engine

Our pricing engine handles thousands of pricing combinations including promos, food costing, and recipe management.

Delivery that delivers profits

Stop paying unnecessary commissions. Our delivery module lets you control your delivery. It schedules, dispatches, and even gives you two-way communication with drivers to really stay on top of driver workflow.

Multi-channel consistency

Whether guests order by phone, online, mobile, or in-person, the order process is consistent. Guests can enjoy the same level of service, no matter how they order. Our POS also supports timed, predated, and catering orders.


Bar service is all about speed and felxibility.  Speed screens for quick ordering that handle complex drink orders with modifiers. Bar and dining room integration.  Move tabs easily between the two. Open tabs using a credit card and capture the guest name and credit card number

Front of house options/straight up

Choose between traditional POS terminals or tablets with pay at the table to increase table turnover while reducing costs.

Custom templates

Dense button templates with an amazing amount of colors and text options allow you to customize POS buttons to capture your own look and feel. 

EMV chip ready

We support EMV chip credit cards for more security, less fraud, and fewer chargebacks.

Quick Service

Our fully integrated Quick Service POS handles dine-in and take-out. It supports Online, phone, and mobile ordering and is easy to use. New hires will get up to speed in minutes.

Avoid the lines

Integrated Order Management sends texts letting guests know when their order is ready for pick up.

Pickup, delivery, and third party operations

Our delivery module allows you to control your own deliveries. It schedules, dispatches, and even gives you two-way communication with drivers to stay on top of driver workflow.

Accept all payments

Fast and convenient payment methods including Apple/Google Pay. Guests can tap to pay with their phone or watch.


The Point of Sale Cloud is designed form the ground up for multi-unit operations with added benefits for franchisees and franchisors

For franchisors

Get all your business rules “in a box”. Our easy set-up, management and reporting provides you complete visibility of the entire business, enhancing profitability for franchisee partners. 

For franchisees

Manage one store or many from any device anywhere. With our rules driven business engine, advanced inventory and labor scheduling, our POS helps you run your business–your way.

For operators

Common online and mobile ordering. Share employees across multiple locations. Organize stores based on geographical locations or DMAs.

Call Center

Giving guests a single number to call in orders from multiple locations is a highly effective brand builder–when it’s done right/correctly. Our POS gives you an easy to use, fully integrated call center module.

Makes great service easier

Handle all service issues from a single portal. Customer recovery feature allows you to track any guest complaints and issue make-up credits as appropriate.

Built in street database

Keeps you on top of deliveries, especially when you pair it with our delivery module.

Centralized CRM

Conveniently access customer data from central CRM. Automatically send records of orders to the point of sale cloud and legacy POS systems.

Back of the House

A fully integrated system loaded with smart, next generation features.  Designed for customization to get your business ahead.

From one location to thousands, The Point of Sale Cloud scales with ease to fit your organization’s needs and fully integrates with a wide range of modules and options.

Team Minder

Team Minder is the mobile App that brings your whole team together.  It makes the workday easier for team members, it provides managers with realtime information to make decisions and it provides executives and owners with a complete view of the business at any time, from anywhere.  

Best of all Team Minder is included FREE of charge!