The proven Pizza platform

The Point of Sale Cloud is built from the ground up to make all the complexities of multi-unit pizzerias easy for both guests, operators, and team members.  Our industry-proven technology solution allows your team to focus on operations while we help provide a consistent guest experience on-premise, online, via mobile, or phone.

Supporting All Order Types

What makes our solution different is not only do we understand where all the various types of pizza order methods are the same, we also understand how they need to be different.


Choose the configuration that best fits your concept.  Fast Casual, Quick Service, Drive Through, Bar or any combination of the above.


In store as well as curbside pickup with contactless options, SMS guest status updates, and notifications built for frictionless guest service.


Our built-in street database, driver dispatch, and driver reimbursement management allows you to rollout your own delivery service.  Includes Team Minder, a FREE driver management app with real-time tracking.

Multi-Channel Consistency

Our centralized business rules engine allows you to deploy the same consistent guest ordering experience across multiple ordering methods.  By making the menu rollout and management process quick and easy, we allow you to iterate faster and respond to market changes quicker while keeping ongoing operating costs low.


With many on-screen features to streamline team-member training and increase order accuracy, our in-store Point of Sale solution makes guest service quick, accurate, and efficient.


Appealing to guests who want a self-service ordering experience without having to download an App, we provide all the hosting, security, management, and maintenance of your online presence.

Call Center

Using a “one number” concept, we enable pizza call center rollouts where orders can be taken either in centralized call centers or using remote phone agents and then routed automatically to the correct store.

Mobile Native

We deliver a best in class experience for mobile guests by making the ordering process quick and frictionless.  Our mobile apps offer all the latest features and are launched under your brand on both the Apple and Google App Stores.

Phone Orders

Our solution makes it easy to take phone and cater orders at the store level for immediate, timed, and pre-date orders.

Third Party Support

When needed, seamless third-party integration for Grub Hub and Door Dash allows you to complement your own delivery service without the extra time and cost required to maintain multiple platforms.

Credit Card and Gift Card Options

PCI-DSS Compliant Credit Card processing with built-in gateway functionality provides ultimate flexibility for EMV, Contactless and Mobile Payments.  The Point of Sale Cloud supports the processor of your choice and our managed end-to-end encryption allows you to reduce your compliance footprint.

Ready for a deeper dive?

We understand that every pizza business is different in its own unique way.  This is one of the things that makes us stand out. Not only do we have one of the best collections of features, we also have the flexibility to work with you to customize and make them uniquely your own.