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We’ve Got You Covered

The Point of Sale Cloud includes advanced connectivity and integrates with every aspect of your business to give you the information you need to stay ahead of the curve—by increasing sales and lowering costs

Point of Sale Options

Traditional POS

Traditional point of sale using Windows-based terminals.

Tablet POS

Tablet-based Point of Sale for order at the table, drive through, and any place where point of sale needs to be mobile.

Call Center POS

Specialized Point of Sale for call center restaurant operations with support for centralized and remote agents.

Phone POS

For restaurant locations that take their own orders for pickup or delivery on premise.

Dining Room POS

For sit-down dining and bars.  Specializes in table management.

Front Counter POS

For quick service, fast food, as well as pickup orders.

Driver Dispatch

For in-house delivery operations.  Complete driver management and street database.

Wait List

Guest wait list and reservation system using Text Messages and contactless options.

Mobile and Online Ordering Options

Online Ordering

Your own online ordering system supporting pickup, delivery, and dine-in options.

Mobile Ordering

Your own mobile ordering with branded apps uploaded on the Apple and Google app stores.

GrubHub Integration

Third party delivery with single menu management for pickup and delivery using GrubHub.

Door Dash Integration

Coming soon …

Contactless Options

Contactless Pickup

Sophisticated pickup and curbside contactless options using text messaging and mobile notifications.

Contactless Delivery

Your own contactless delivery system with text notifications and custom guest messaging.

Contactless Wait List

QR code based online and on-premise contactless waitlist and guests reservations with text notifications.

Contactless Payments

QR code based contactless guest payments for dine-in orders.

Kitchen Management


Kitchen Display System with perfect order timing.  Fully integrated with on-premise and off-premise orders.

Paper Tickets

Kitchen order routing using paper tickets based on configurable paths with multiple options.


Advanced order expediting using either Kitchen Display Systems or paper tickets.

Smart Kitchen

Complete integration of in-house and third party systems to make order fulfillment stress free for the kitchen and cut down on mistakes.

Payment Management


With our in-house credit and gift card payment processing abilities, we can create customized payment solutions that do more.


Lower your risks and mitigate chargebacks with EMV payment processing.

PCI Compliant

We are PCI-DSS certified and offload a significant part of your compliance requirements.


Advanced tokenization helps speed up online and mobile ordering while keeping guest information safe.

Restaurant Operations

Labor Scheduling

Built-in labor scheduling based on forecasting with realtime labor cost information.

Time and Attendance

Sophisticated job function based time and attendance system with payroll integration.

Inventory Management

Ideal vs. Actual inventory management system with recipe analysis and detailed food cost analysis.

Recipe Management

Recipe management system that automatically syncs information across all point of sale platforms.

Real Time Reporting

Access real time reports along with year over year comparisons using our FREE mobile management app.

Discount Management

Advanced discount and offer management system with flexible business rules as well as support for single-use codes.

Hot Schedules

Optional integration for hot schedules.

Time Forge

Optional support for Time Forge.

Team Member Engagement

Take team engagement to the next level using our FREE Team Minder App and bring your whole team on the same page.

Back of the House


We support complex business relationships for corporate, franchisee, multi-concept, and multi-regional business relationships.

Tax Smart

Support for complex tax jurisdictions at the location and item level.

Finance Integration

Feed data to your internal or external accounting and reporting system.

Payroll Integration

Support for a number of payroll processors as well as single source of payroll data management.

Online Portal

Access and run your whole business from any place any time.

Federated Security

Segregate business units and use an extensive list of security rights and controls.


Event and audit tracking to capture key events.

Supply Chain Links

Link your purchases with a number of food suppliers and reduce duplicate data entry.